When To Call The Veterinarian When Your Puppy'S Health Has Disrupted From The Norm

When to call the vet when your dog's health has deviated from the norm. Be sure to understand what behavior is normal for a dog. Then you know when it is time to take your dog to the doctor. Here are examples of when to call a veterinary professional. Dr. Schofil advises you to resist the urge to reach for human medicine to treat your dog. Common medicines that we take are dangerous for your dog and can cause an allergic reaction. Don't give your dog Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen and other similar drugs. An allergic reaction can cause swelling around the nose and mouth, which can make it difficult to breathe. Brachycephalic or ‘flat-faced’ breeds are more likely to experience distress than longer nose breeds. Symptoms of difficulty breathing are coughing, sneezing or breathing. It is very important to notice symptoms early. This speeds up your dog’s response to treatment. If a loss of appetite persists for longer than 12 hours, it is important to call your doctor. Be aware of how much water your dog drinks and how frequently she urinates. Take out your dog. . . .

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