Grass Eating Is Common Among Dogs, But What To Do If Yours Is Doing It Too Often?

Grass eating seems to be common among dogs. The reason behind this foraging behavior isn't entirely clear. Some dogs like eating grass. For other dogs, ingesting grass may be a way to fulfill an unmet nutritional need. They may do it sometimes simply because they're tired. Some canines simply enjoy the flavor and the smell of grass. Grass may provide fiber or traces of vitamins and minerals that aren't provided in commercial dog food. Wild canines eat roots, grasses, and fruits. They also eat meat they kill or eat. Gassy dogs may eat grass to stimulate vomiting when they feel unwell. The long, tickling strand may prompt it to regurgitate whatever's been causing its upset stomach. Some experts think that the dogs eat grass because it gives them something to do. If your dog is partaking of grass because of a lack of food, you can make simple changes to add some "spice" to your dog's life and food bowl. Never allow your dog to eat grass that's been chemically treated. This could lead to poisoning. If the dog eats every time for more than two days in a row and then just scratches, this is a signal that you should take your dog at the Vet. A chronic upset tummy should be checked as soon as possible to rule out intestinal parasites, like roundworms, or something more serious like worm. . . .

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