Pseudomoniasis Is A Bacterial Infection That Affects Fish

Pseudomoniasis is a bacterial infection that affects fish. It is rare for a bacteria species to cause serious problems in your fish on their own. Some species of Pseudomonas can cause crippling disease in otherwise perfectly healthy fish. They can even lead to the fish's death. Pseudobacterium aeruginosa is the name of a bacterial disease caused by a Pseudodomonas species of bacteria. This bacteria species has become highly opportunistic and pathogenic. Most fish owners don't take their sick fish to the doctor for diagnosis or treatment. The best diagnostic data is obtained from euthanizing a moribund fish and submitting the body to a veterinary lab for bacterial examination. The fish will die from alcohol poisoning within minutes. Fish stressors include poor water quality, inadequate or incorrect nutrition, or aggression or bullying issues. Possible solutions include better aquarium or pond maintenance, removing fish from the environment, buying new food, and adding decor items. Over the counter antibiotic-like products are usually not effective against Pseudbacterium or other bacteria with the potential to infect people. Maintaining a clean and well-managed aquarium water system, avoiding overcrowding the tank with too many fish, or feeding a quality diet all help keep your fish healthy. . . .

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