How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Happy In A Crate Training Method

Crate training is a method of house training your dog or dog. The crate is used to keep your dog confined when you cannot supervise. If used correctly, a crate prevents the dog from getting in the bad habit of having accidents in your home. Crate training should be kept very positive. Put something soft in the bottom of the crate and some of your dog's toys. Let your dog explore the crate at its own pace without forcing it to go inside. Open the door and let your dog roam in and out as it wishes. Once your dog is comfortable going in and in the crate again, it is time to start getting it used to confinement. Put treats in the dog crate and close the door when the dog is inside. Let the dog out of its crate for a minute or so. Your dog should consider its crate a safe place. Never leave your dog crated for longer than it is physically able to hold its bladder or bowels. . . .

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