Potty Training A New Puppy Can Be Difficult If You Don'T Know What To Do

Potty training a new baby can be difficult if you don't know what to do. There are several aids you can use to help your dog go potty where you want it to go. Consistency is key to this training technique. You can then use potty pads to teach your dog to potty outside. Newspapers, paper towel, cloth towel, and store-bought toiletries are all options. Large breed dogs may need heavy duty options compared to toy breeds. Indoor/outdoor carpet potty stations are good options. :max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/potty-pad-training-4178382-02-67da77a35da9417e9ede27185881e333. jpg) Let your dog walk on the pad while you repeat a consistent command that you plan to say at potty time, such as "go potty" This will help it get used to the new item. Puppies usually potty after sleeping, eating, drinking, and after playing. Get in the habit of taking your dog potty to the potty every few hours.

Black puppy smelling potty training pad

If your dog starts playing or chewing on a toy, this is a good indication that it needs to go to pot potty. (puppy potty training / images/4178377-07-cf2d1fb74b6848b6a7704e4af78962e5.

Treat given to black puppy by hand

jpg ) If the dog isn't making it to the bathroom pad on time, try putting it closer to where it usually plays or eats. Add a bell to its collar to help you hear where it is. Put the dog on the lead and leave a trail for him to follow.

Pink dog collar with pink bell on black puppy's neck closeup

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