Tearing And Eye Discharge In Dogs: What To Do If Your Dog'S Eyes Are Tearing Or Drainage Is Causing You Concern

Excessive tearing, or epiphora, is a common eye discharge seen in dogs. It may develop into a discharge that is clear, white, yellow or even green in color. The dog will need some kind of human intervention to help. In some cases, medical attention is needed. Excessive wearing and eye discharge in dogs can be caused by excessive tearing and drainage. There are many eye problems that can occur in dogs and some are more serious than others. Short-faced and brachycephalic breeds like Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Dogs, and Pugs are especially prone to eye discharge. Moisture can collect in the facial and nasal skin folds of some breeds. This creates an ideal environment for bacterial overgrowth. If not treated by a veterinary doctor, eye problems can quickly turn serious. A "tear test" may be done to check your dog's tear production. A painless, harmless eye dye (called fluorescein stain) may be applied to look for abrasions to the cornea. Treatment often involves the use of medicated eye ointment or drops. Oral medications are also sometimes prescribed. Most dogs will need to wear an e-collar (the "cone" or lampshade worn around the neck) to prevent tearing. Do not remove this unless your vet says it is okay. If the dog's eyes are tearing, there's a good chance you can prevent it. Be sure to keep the hair around your dog and eyes trimmed as short as possible. Over the counter eye irrigation solutions are generally safe to use to keep your eye area clean. . . .

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