Short-Tailed Opossums Are Friendly, Easy To Care For, And Can Live Up To 6 Years

The short-tailed opossums have become popular as exotic pets over the past few years. They are very good pets for beginners. This is because of their cleanliness, herbivorous diet, and general good health. These opossum are small, friendly creatures with easy care requirements. Short-tailed Opossums are a species from South America. As of June 2006, hobbyists with three or fewer breeding females do not need a federal USDA license to own a short-tail species. However, larger breeders and retail pet stores need a current USDA license before they can sell them. They can be friendly and docile when raised from a young age. Because they tend to fight with others of their own species, they do best as solitary pets. They aren't normally the type of animal that is trained to do tricks or certain behaviors. In the wild, they live no more than two years. If you're interested in pets similar to the short-tired opossuma, check out: Skunk species Profile. . . .

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