How To Stop Your Cats Eating Grass: How To Stop Your Cat From Eating Grass

Cats eat grass because it has folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin that helps the release of oxygen in the bloodstream. Grass can help your cat's digestive system in two ways. By inducing vomiting or by quickening their bowel movements. If your cat eats grass but doesn’t always eat it later in one way or another, then they’re probably drawn to it as a digestive supplement. How to Stop Your Cats Eating Grass: Cat grass and catnip are two types of grass that appeal to felines . Here are some ways to let your kitty enjoy eating grass without having to worry about harm. Don't leave your cat out of the yard if your own lawn is treated with pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical-based treatments. Consider putting a noshing station for the kitty with edible grassy treats such as cat grass, oat grass, barley grass, and wheatgrass that can also be eaten by cats. Here are other plants you may want to grow for them or plant in that indoor kitty noshing stations mentioned. . . .

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