Ferrets Are Obligate Carnivores, So Diet Must Be High In Animal Protein, High In Fat, And Low In Fiber

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. Food passes through their digestive system very quickly. Ferrets can't get nutrition from plant matter. A ferret diet must be high in animal protein, low in fat, and low in fiber. Dry foods are the most preferred choice for ferrets. Protein must be low in protein, highly digestible, and animal-based (not plant-based) High in fat (at least 15-20 percent, perhaps up to 30 percent if growing or pregnant) Very low in carbohydrates and fiber (less than 3 percent of fiber) Ferrets may not like foods high in fish. Some cold-water fish such as salmon is an excellent source of fat. Good ferret diets are expensive but worth it. There are several ferret foods available now. Some are better than others. There is no perfect diet. The best way to properly feed ferrets is with premium ferret food. If you can't find a good quality ferret cat food, you may have to settle for adult food. Use a cat food that is high in fat and high in protein. Commercial ferret treats should only be used if they are meat-based. Vitamin supplements and hairball remedies make good training aids and treats. However, they should be used very rarely. Avoid sweet treats (including raisins and other fruits) for Ferrets. . . .

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