Dogs With Thunderstorm Phobia May Become Extremely Frantic And Overwhelmed With Fear During Storms

Dogs with thunderstorm phobia may become very anxious and overwhelmed with fear during storms. There are probably many reasons for thunderstorm fear. The reasons vary from dog to dog. Changes in barometric pressure and humidity can affect your dog's senses and possibly even cause discomfort. If your dog seems anxious, hyperactive, destructive or reclusive during storms, you are probably dealing with thunder storm phobia. Telltale signs of anxiety and fear can begin long before the storm arrives. Look for signs that occur during normal weather. Comforting your pet is okay. It does not encourage bad behavior. A veterinary behaviorist can help you establish a desensitization or conditioning program. Talk to your primary veterinary doctor about potential treatments, including herbal therapies. Watch Now: If Your Dog Could Text You, They Say This. . .

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