Excessive Drooling Can Be A Sign That Your Dog Needs Veterinary Care, So It'S Important To Address The Root Cause Of The Problem: Https://Www

Excessive drooling occurs when too much saliva build up in your dog's mouth and it runs out between the lips. It can be a sign that your dog needs veterinary care. If your dog sees food, hears food, smells food, or associates an item with food, it may start to drool profusely. Gingivitis, abscessed tooth roots, broken teeth, and other dental problems can cause oral salivation and drooling. If the drooling is due to a medical concern, you need to correct the issue for the salivation to stop. Medications to decrease nausea, treat pain, and counter toxic chemicals may be necessary to treat the dog's drooling symptoms. A bandanna can help dogs whose breeds are prone to excessive drooling . Saint Bernards, Dogues de Bordeaux, bloodhounds, bulldogs, Newfoundlands, Neopolitan mastiffs, Bernese mountain dogs, bull mastiffs and boxers, and Great Danes are known to drooling heavily. . . .

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