Spaying Or Neutering Puppies Is The Responsible Way To Care For Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet is the responsible way to care for them. Female pups mature faster than you may think. Spayed and neutered pets are just as affectionate, protective, and trainable as unaltered cats and dogs. In general, personality changes are not often seen in spayed or neutered dogs. Many veterinarians will spay or neuter small or medium sized dogs at about 6 months of age. A couple of months delay may allow the dog to attain better physical development, which can be important for the demands of competition. The anesthetics are often injected and inhaled. It will depend on the pet and veterinary doctor. Be sure to limit your pet's activity for a two-week period following the surgery. This means no running or jumping or walks. Spays and neuters are a very common surgery and recommended by veterinarians to prevent mammary and testicular cancer, male dogs being hit by cars in pursuit of females and pet overpopulation. . Watch Now: All you need to know about Puppies on CNN iReport. com: Do you have a pet? With CNN ireport. . . share your photos and videos of your pet with CNN . .

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