Cuterebra Is A Botfly That Causes Cuterebriasis

Cuterebra is the name given to a type of botfly that causes cuterebriasis. The larvae of the fly can live under the skin of a mammals. Cats, dogs, ferrets, and even humans can be affected by the larva. Cuterebra lesions are generally not visible until the larval is large enough to cause a lump or swelling. Lesions are often seen near the head or neck. They can be found anywhere on the cat's body. Treatment may be needed even if the larv has left the cat. Cats are considered "accidental" hosts of Cutereba. In North America infestations are most common in summer and fall. The affected cat may need treatment with antifungal antibiotics. The best way to protect cats from cuterebra infections is to keep them indoors at all times. Outdoor cats often hunt small mammals and may come into contact with Cuterella larvae. If your cat goes outdoors, check him regularly for signs of swelling. If you notice anything abnormal, contact your local veterinary clinic. .

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