If You Find A Wild, Orphaned, Injured Baby Skunk, Check With Your State Division Of Natural Resources To Find A Skunk Rehabilitator In Your Area

Wild baby skunks are still wild animals. Just because someone brings one into their home doesn't automatically make it safe, tame, or legal. Some people are specially licensed to care for, rehabilitate, and sometimes even house wild skunks for the rest of the skunk's life. If you find a wild, orphaned or injured baby skunk, check with your state division of natural resources to find a skunk rehabilitator near you. Skunks are a rabies vector species. This means they can have, get, or contract rabies to humans. Only a handful of unvaccinated people have ever survived rabies. It is nearly impossible to find an animal veterinary veterinarian that is willing to work on an illegally owned, potentially harboring rabies, wild skunk. You should try and help it. You can do this by calling your local nature center, wildlife center, or state fish and wildlife division. You will also have to take your skunk to an appropriate place. . . .

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