How To Introduce A Puppy To A New Dog In Your Family

Introducing a dog to another dog will involve strategies like meeting on neutral ground, sniffing through a fence, and parallel walking. Adult dogs often welcome a new canine partner. It's important to set yourself up for success. A resident dog protects its home. Dogs will require a quarantine before meeting the rest of the doggy family. This ensures that if the dog has any illnesses, it won't spread the disease to other animals. First dog-to-dog meetings should take place between the dogs. Let the dogs meet through a chain-link fence or tennis net. They can look at each other while the barrier keeps them separated. Watch for the dog's doggy language that signals good intentions. A classic canine invitation to a game is the "play bow. " Doggy yawning signals, "I am no threat. " Whines, barks, and growls are used in both play and threats. Once they’ve met home territory, repeat the introduction in your yard. Call the dog and dog apart every few minutes to make sure they don’t become too excited. The new dog should only meet one resident dog at a time, not the whole gang. Most dogs quickly work out their social ranking. They then decide how to interact in a positive way. It’s best for the baby gate barrier to be placed in a room with the dog alone. Common mistakes include being nervous or anxious and letting the dogs mix too early. . . .

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