Cleft Palate Is A Birth Defect That Occurs When The Tissues Of A Dog'S Mouth And/Or Lip Do Not Grow Completely Together

A cleft palate is a birth defect. It occurs when the tissues of a dog's mouth and/or lip do not grow completely together. This physical deformity can leave an opening from the mouth to the nose, which allows food and liquids to get into the airway. A dog with a crooked lip or a missing lip may also have a runny nose. The dog's upper or bottom teeth and gums may stick out of the mouth. A cleft is a congenital problem. Purebred dogs are more likely to have the condition than mixed breeds. The roof or back of the nose will have an opening in it if the dog has a clefts palate. A corrective surgery may be necessary to fix the deformity. Many pups with cleft palates are often killed shortly after birth. Surgery is risky when done on young dogs that are possibly malnourished. If the cleft was small and surgery is elected, the prognosis is good post-surgical. . . .

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