How Dogs Use Body Language To "Talk" To Each Other And Their Owners

Even dogs use body language to talk to each other and their owners. Dogs are highly attuned to body language. This silent communication imparts so many messages. Your dedicated observation can make it appear psychic :max _bytes(150000):strip _icc()/closeup of person's hand-stroking puppy (55722454-5c43b87846e0fb00016c2ddc. jpg) puppy eyes communicate volumes. Droopy eyes indicate pleasure, and your dog may squint and moan with pleasure when its ears are touched. Pups with alert pups keep their eyes open wide.

Close-Up Of Person Hand Stroking Puppy

An unblinking stare is a sign of assertiveness and/or aggression. A flicking tongue signals intent to lick. Theformation of the dog's ears also affect how easy the ear language is to understand. When erect and facing forward, the dog is alert and curious. When the ears flatten against the head and neck position, this is accompanied by lowered head and head position, with direct eye contact, lip-curling, or growling.

Two dogs fighting with each other

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