Grapes Are Toxic To Cats, But Can They Safely Eat Them? Here'S What You Need To Know About The Toxic Effects Of Grapes On Your Pet

Grapes are toxic to dogs, but what about cats? Can cats safely eat grapes? There is much more research on dogs and grapes, as well as more documented cases of toxicity. Some cats have had gastrointestinal upset after eating the fruit. Grapes aren't a good snack for cats. Cats are carnivores and lack sweet taste receptors. Choking on grapes occurs when the cat is trying to quickly ingest the fruit, especially if they are sneakily taking it off of the table or counter. There are safer and more tasty treats. The predominant issue seen in cats that have eaten grapes is gastrointestinal upset. The cat may have diarrhea, experience stomach pain, and have vomiting. Toxicity resulting in kidney failure is also possible. Raisinins also contain tartaric acid. They may also cause gastrointestinal upset as well to kidney failure. Any food that contains raisins should be kept out of reach of your cat. . . .

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