Understanding Your Dog'S Body Language Can Help You Better Understand Your Dog'S Emotional State: Dog Behavior Clinic

Do dogs have emotions like we do? By understanding your dog's body language, you can better understand your dog’s emotional state. Certain behaviors are associated with happy, relaxed, scared, stressed, and even painful. Some dog owners think their dog is sad when they leave. Dogs in 'dog shame' videos seem to be in a cowering stance. This is seen as shame. We may think the dog is trying to avoid us out of guilt and shame, but dogs can actually read our own body language. Dogs know when we are upset and will be submissive to please us. Some dogs are scared of the Vet. You may get frustrated with your dog for acting silly and stubborn. He's actually acting out of fear. In a stressful situation animals will resort to fight or flight. Don't be afraid to advocate because you know your dog is best. Despite some beliefs, dogs that are in pain can not actually cry out or vocalize. Signs of pain in dogs will be more subtle. These can include changes in their eating and drinking habits or not being as social as they once were. If you notice one of these, make an appointment with your Vet. . . .

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