How To Keep Your Cat Safe From The Dangers Of The Outside World

Many cats 'ask' to go outside without really understanding what is going on around them outside. Many pet parents feel guilty about keeping their cat indoors all the time, especially if they show no interest in going outside. Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. There are a lot of outdoor hazards that cats can be exposed to. Even well-fed cats have a tendency to hunt birds and other small prey. Domestic cats kill over 2 billion birds in the US alone. A cat who spends all of their time inside can still enjoy the benefits of the outdoors. Put a cat tree in front of your cat’s favorite window. Put the cat in a hammock bed so they have an extra place to sit and watch the birds and squirrels. When the weather allows, open the window. Then, they can take in the wind as well. There is definitely a happy medium between keeping your cat indoors and showing them the dangers of life as an outside cat. Teaching your cat to walk outdoors with you on a rope and a lead is one way to keep them safe. Always keep your cat up to date on flea/tick and heartworm medications and let your vet know that they spend time outdoors. . . .

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