Kittens that play with water are most likely doing so as a way to learn about their environment. Certain breeds are more tolerable of water (Maine Coons). If a young cat was exposed to a lot of water play or bath, it might tolerate swimming. (max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/stop-water-bowl-games-554013-03-35d4dd041b6840a3b55a0346c4b7059e. jpg) Kittens are more tolerant of water. Tolerance and patience may be the best solution if your young cat is using its water bowl as a toy.

Brown cat crouched near faucet with running water

Kitten object play is most active up through the five-month age and begins to decline thereafter. If a cat is drinking excess water or accidentally drinking water because of a health issue, your vet will help determine the underlying cause and offer treatment options. Treating the health issue should resolve bad behavior in the water bowl. Change your cat's water regularly. At least once daily. .

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