Hiatal Hernias In Dogs Can Be Managed With Diet And Exercise, Explains Vet In A Press Release From Dognewstv

Hiatal hernias can occur in any breed of dog, but are more common in brachycephalic breeds. These hernies occur between the esophagus and the stomach and can cause serious breathing or digestive issues. While severe cases of hiatal hernia require surgery, some dogs' discomfort from their herniations can be managed with diet and exercise. Hiatal Hernia are similar to other issues affecting the digestive system of a dog. In chronic cases, the stomach may slip in and out of the opening in the diaphragm, causing transient symptoms. But, if the stomach gets stuck, the symptoms can become crippling. There are only two causes of a hiatic hernia in dogs. Most hiatals are present from birth and show few symptoms. They are often found incidentally during an abdominal surgery or x-rays taken for another reason. X-rays are the most commonly used method to aid a veterinary doctor in diagnosing a suspected hiat-Hernia. Most dogs with mild congenital herniias live long, happy lives. Dogs that undergo surgery to correct hernia experience relief shortly after the procedure. Selective breeding of brachyceic dog breeds, such as the Shar-Pei, may help decrease the likelihood of dogs being born with this condition. . . .

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