How To Make Your House A Forever Home With Your New Dog

The first 24 hours with a new dog can be difficult. Make sure they have everything they need to make your house feel like a forever home. Please keep visitors to a minimum while your dog has peace and quiet for napping and exploring. Be aware that your new baby dog could sleep up to 20 hours a day. Potty Training should begin within minutes of your pet's arrival. Establish Routines for new dogs, set an alarm to go to the potty every two hours or so. Even if you've adopted an older, previously house-trained dog, there are still going to be some accidents. After a few hours, introduce your dog to pet-friendly areas. Outfit their special areas with a dog bed, blanket, toys, and other comforter additions. Put all of the members of the family on the floor to have some quality play time. A little earlier than normal to hit the barn. Many pet owners have their dog crate set up in their bedroom to give them physical closeness and reassurance. You may also want to give something that brings a child back to their mother, such as a blanket. . . .

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