Vitiligo Is A Rare Skin And Hair Disorder That Affects Melanocytes

Vitiligo is a rare skin and hair disorder. It affects melanocytes. Just like in people, melanocytes are cells in the skin that are responsible for coloration. If they are changed or damaged, the skin and/or coat will lose its pigment. Certain breeds are more likely to develop this condition. Vitiligo can cause a lightening or whitening of skin, mucosa, and hair. The gums and lips are the most common places for the first appearance. It can spread inside the mouth and to the muzzle. It may also spread to the eyes, lips, and ears. Vitligo is a painful disorder that does not interfere with a person's daily life. There is no effective treatment protocol for a dog with vitiligo. However, concerned pet owners sometimes try treatments used in people. Dogs that have vitiligia should not be bred to decrease the chance of it passing on to offspring. No one knows the exact cause of the condition, so there is no real way to prevent it from occurring. . . .

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