Bezoars Are Hard Masses Of Undigested Material In The Gut

Bezoars are hard masses of undigested material in the gut. Most are what we call hairball. Bezoars can be expelled by vomiting or passed in feces without causing harm. A bezoar that does not pass naturally may cause symptoms other than mild discomfort or gagging in cats. Those that are too large and compacted to be expelled can cause symptoms of gastrointestinal distress that will increase if an obstruction occurs. A stranded bezoard might need veterinary attention. Trichobezoars consist mainly of hair ingested. A cat grooms itself or another cat. Hair may be mixed with dirt and debris from the coat as well as food from the stomach. Pharmacobezoar are rare in cats and can be treated with oral laxatives and lubricating agents that help the cat more easily pass the mass. Some bezoars may be too large or hard to respond to these medications. In these cases, surgery may be required to remove the bezoart. . . .

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