Head Tilts Can Indicate A Health Problem In Your Dog, Vet Tells Pet Owners In A Vet'S Office

Puppies are especially known for tilting their heads, especially when they hear new or interesting words or sounds. When a dog tilts his head at something, it is as if he is saying "huh?" or "what is that? He will turn his head to one side and return his head back to normal position. Sometimes a dog's head tilt can indicate a health problem. An abnormal head tilt is usually caused by some kind of vestibular dysfunction. The vestibule system is responsible for balance and coordination. Inflammation of the ear or problems in the brain can affect nerves and structures of the vestibula system. This inflammation can lead to head tilt and other signs of vertigo. It's important not to ignore this type of head tilt. The underlying problem may become worse over time and cause permanent damage. Contact your veterinary team right away if you notice a head tilt in your dog that seems abnormal. .

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