Boarding Your Cat At A Boarding Facility Tends To Be Less Expensive Than Some Professional Pet Sitting Services But More Expensive Than Having Family, A Friend, Or A Neighbor Look In

If you need to travel, you might be better off boarding your cat outside of your home or hiring someone to look after them in the comfortable surroundings of your house. One of the simplest and more cost-effective ways to ask a neighbor to look over your cat is to ask them to look. Pet boarding facilities are a good option for friendly, outgoing cats. They are also a good choice for cats with special medical needs. Boarding your cat at a boarding facility is less expensive than some professional pet sitting services. Cat sitters can come to your home several times a day to feed and play with the cat. They also clean up the litter box. Some professional pet sitters will also move full-time while you are away. This ensures the cat always has someone around. (max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/woman-pinking cat-539178307-5908c1455f9b58647045f9d4. jpg) Show the cat sitter where you keep the cat food and where the cat litter box, litter, and cleaning supplies are. Write down how much to feed your cat and what time it eats. It should also have instructions for any medications it needs and other care. Some boarding facilities have “pet cams” so you can check in with your cat via video . .

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