Elderly Dogs Are More At Risk Of Strokes Than Dogs Of All Ages And All Breeds

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. While dogs don't suffer from strokes at nearly the same frequency, they are something that owners of elderly, geriatric dogs should be aware of. If your dog has a stroke, you may see signs that are similar. Strokes are seen much more often in senior dogs than in geriatric animals. Senior dogs that already have a disease process that can increase their risk for bleeding are more at risk for stroke. There is not one specific dog breed that is markedly at risk of stroke. If you start showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately take him/her to the vet. Your vet may run blood work, urinalysis, take radiographs, run an EKG screen, or get a blood pressure reading. If there are underlying diseases, medications will be prescribed. Recovery depends on the type of stroke as well as severity of stroke . Some dogs will recover slowly. Some will never fully recover. These dogs may suffer a stroke that proves fatal. . . .

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