Dog Diseases & Disorders: A Handbook Of Dog Diseases And Disorders, Published By Oxford University Press, Is Published By Oxford University Press, Is Available In Hardback And Paperback At Www

Dalmatians and Jack Russell Terriers may have a nerve disorder of the ear that causes deafness. Dogs that hunt and are exposed to gunshots for years and years are more prone to hearing loss. Congenital deafness is often associated with merle or piebald coat patterns. Commonly affected breeds include the Dalmatian, Australian Shepherd, Old English Sheepdog, Collie, Shetland Sheepdog and Bull Terrier. Deaf dogs can't tell us they're hard of hearing. They compensate by paying attention to their other senses. Dogs easily learn to respond to hand signals, the beam of a beam, or the light on the front door to come inside for dinner. Dog Diseases and Disorders is published by Oxford University Press. The book is titled "Dog Diseases & Disorders: A Handbook of Dog Disorders and Disorders". For more information, visit www. oxfordpub. co. uk. . . .

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