Diabetes In Dogs: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy

Dogs can get diabetes, a hormonal disease where the pancreas doesn't make insulin anymore. Diabetes in dogs is rare. However, over the years it continues to rise – in both dogs and cats. Holistic vets say that when you provide your dog with a balanced, wholesome diet and essential natural supplements, you eliminate the chances of diabetes. The signs and symptoms of diabetes in a dog are not that specific. Look out for these: drinking more than usual, urinating more thanusual, losing weight and vomiting. A vet will test your dog for ketones and glucose concentrations. The best way to feed a dog with diabetes is to offer a raw food diet.

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This is a mix of meat, bones and leafy, green vegetables. Feed your dog about 50-65% raw or cooked meat, another 10-25% cooked bones. Non-diabetic dogs should eat once a day.

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A dog’s body can regulate fake synthetic stuff. This can create bad imbalances in his body. Avoid artificial supplements and vitamins.

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A study published in the Diabetes journal in Spain used gene therapy to put dogs in remission with type one diabetes. . . .

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