4 Myths About Cats You May Not Be Aware Of: !Cat Bad Behaviors Illustration

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cat bad behaviors illustration

However, they are often misadopted. This is due to the many myths and stereotypes stereotyped about cats. It's time to separate fact from fiction by dispelling four common myths about cats: The Myth: Cats Can't Be Trained Cats sometimes roll on their back to show a defensive stance. A cat’s abdomen is a very vulnerable area. It holds many vital organs. Do not take it personally if your cat scratches or scratches you when you pet her belly. Monitor your cat's body language. Contrary to popular belief, it is as important for cats to be properly socialized and trained as it is for dogs. Poor socialization can result in hiding from visitors, fearing other pets, slowly learning new environments, and feeling fearful and aggressive with handling at veterinary visits. Anthropomorphism is defined as the attribution of human characteristics to an animal or object. We often interpret animals' feelings based on human body language . .

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