Meyer'S Parrot With Orange Beak Birds In Plastic Box In Background

Meyer's parrot are small, stocky birds. They are closely related to the Senegal parrot. They're known for being calm and quiet birds. they often make great pets for people in apartments or other small spaces. If well socialized, Meyer's parrots are usually gentle and not considered to be big biters. (max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/portrait of the talking parrot-with-orange-beak-birds-in-plastic-box-in_background-558962239-582c7db93df78c6f6a2c2fdc. Meyer's Parrot are not big talkers, but they can learn a few words and sounds.

Portrait Of Talking Parrot With Orange Beak Birds In Plastic Box In Background

A green to turquoise body, greyish black or brown neck and head, brown or black wings and tail describes both males and females of this species. They care relatively little when it comes to care. A cage with strong bars and lots of space is necessary for safekeeping. They were usually quite satisfied with another bird or a human that they can bond with, toys to destroy and fresh food. Meyer’s parrot were often happy to destroy a toy and hang out on a perch. If a safe flight area is available, it's always a good idea to allow a bird to fly. Meyer parrot weren't easily bred in the wild, so this quality combined with having less color made them a less commonly seen pet bird. . .

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