Diabetes In Dogs: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy

Dogs can get diabetes, a hormonal disease where the pancreas doesn't make insulin anymore. Diabetes in dogs is rare. However, over the years it has risen in both dogs and cats. Holistic vets say that when you provide your dog with a balanced, wholesome diet and essential natural supplements, you eliminate the chances of diabetes. The signs and symptoms of diabetes in a dog are not that specific. Look out for these: drinking more than usual, urinating more thanusual, losing weight, vomiting and losing weight. A vet will test your dog for ketones and glucose concentrations. The best way to feed a dog with diabetes is to offer a raw food diet.

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This is a mix of meat, bones and leafy, green vegetables. Feed your dog about 50-65% raw or cooked meat, another 10-25% cooked bones. Non-diabetic dogs should eat once a day.

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A dog’s body can regulate fake synthetic stuff. This can create bad imbalances in his body. Avoid artificial supplements and vitamins made chemically.

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A study published in the Diabetes journal in Spain used gene therapy to put dogs in remission with type one diabetes. . . .

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