Panther Geckos: What You Need To Know About This Exotic Pet

Panther geckos (Paroedura pictus) are popular exotic pets. They have interesting markings and ease of care. This species comes from the island of Madagascar. Panther gecko are predominantly brown with black markings and big eyes. Juveniles can be jumpy but calm down and become docile as they get older. Panther Geckos are suitable for first-time lizard owners who can commit to the animal's needs. Don't put males and females together. They're too aggressive and territorial to live together. A 10-gallon tank will work, but if you plan on keeping more than one panther gecko in the same enclosure, you should upgrade to a 20-galloon tank. Panther gckos don't require excessive warm water, but they do need a basking area in the mid-80 degree Fahrenheit range. Heat lamps that emit white light should be used during the day. Panther eckos like an environment with around 60% humidity. This can be achieved by misting and draining the enclosure's water dish. Use a reptile hygrometer to measure the humidity in the tank. Substrate is the material that lines the bottom of your gecko's body. They are insectivores. Most of their diet consists of insects. They will eat whatever insect they can find in the wild. However, in their captive habitat, crickets are usually the food of choice. Crickets are easy to find and can be gut loaded (fed healthy foods which then pass to the gecko) and dusted with calcium powder. The problems with the gcko shed usually happen when a gecko is in unsanitary living conditions or in an enclosure that isn't humid enough. Metabolic bone disease is another disease that can afflict gecko and other lizards. Like other gecko species, panther geckos can be prone to parasitic infections. Get your panther gcko from a trustworthy breeder who can provide detailed information about its animal's health and origin. Make sure the gcko is captive-bred. This is because wild-caught geckoes typically fail to thrive as pets. Look for a panther with clear eyes, curious disposition and a healthy appetite. . .

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