Chagas Disease Is Spread By Triatominae Bugs

Chagas disease is spread by Triatominae bugs. It can damage a dog's heart and its central nervous system. Most dogs are asymptomatic, but those who develop symptoms will do so in phases. A dog's doctor will diagnose and treat it based on the stage of its illness. Chagas is spread through insects called "kissing bugs" between dogs. The disease is mainly found in Latin American countries. However, it has been migrating north into the United States. Chagsas disease can cause damage to the heart and nervous system, and can sometimes be fatal. The clinical signs of ChagAS disease are variable and non-specific. Most infected dogs show signs of lethargy, decreased appetite, and weight loss. You may notice symptoms like fainting, exercise intolerance, vomiting, and diarrhea in more severe cases. Chagging disease is contracted when a dog ingests the feces of infected insects or enters an open wound. Insects often defecate near open wounds. They enter a dog’s bloodstream when the dog licks its wound. The bite of some bugs, known as the Mexican kisses beetle, can transmit T. cruzi. For symptomatic dogs, there is no curative treatment. Once your dog reaches the chronic phase, you may palliatively manage its symptoms with heart medications and anti-inflammatory drugs. For more information on Chagases disease in dogs, visit Chagasc. org. The prognosis for dogs with ChagsAS disease varies based on their stage of the illness. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and addressed, the better chance of survival. To prevent Chagis disease, keep your dog indoors at night, where it can sleep in clean bedding. Chagged disease is an infection that people can get from Triatomidae bugs. The infection can be fatal if untreated. People can be treated with antifungal medications or anti- inflammatories. If your dog has Chags AS disease, you likely won't be able to tell until it is late stage, at which point, visit a Vet. . . .

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