What Causes A Dog To Cough Or Gagging In Your Dog And What You Can Do To Keep It From Doing The Same?

A dog's cough and a gag are similar but not the same. Sometimes a dog will both cough and then gag at the end of the cough. Find out what causes a dog to cough or gag and what you can do to prevent unnecessary issues from developing. . Airborne debris, food, diseases, and more can cause your dog to have a cough or gagging. Knowing what the cause of your dog's symptoms are may help you determine whether or not they are serious. Causes of Coughing or Gagging in Dogs include food, disease, and respiratory issues. If a dog has a disease that affects its respiratory tract, coughing and/or gagging may occur. Inflammation and irritability of the trachea or lungs are the causes of these symptoms. Pneumonia, kennel cough, flu, tracheitis, lungworm infestations, fungal infections, distemper will require veterinary attention. Some dogs, especially small breeds, are prone to tracheal collapse. Dogs with chronic reflux can develop a chronic cough. Nausea or gastrointestinal reflux may result from a decrease in the opening of the airway. Treatment for coughing and gagging with your dog will vary. Be sure to keep your dog current on its vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and away from dogs that are not fully immunized or sick. Regular checkups with your veterinary doctor can help with prevention and diagnosis. . .

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