Storm Phobia: 5 Tips To Calm Your Storm Stressed Dog

It's that time of year when we can expect thunderstorm season. We don't always know when there is going to be a rainstorm, thunderstorm, tornado, or hurricane. And neither do our pets. It can be hard to prepare and help your dog with their storm phobia. Storm Phobia is when your dog has a fear of thunderstorms and/or gets an anxiety attack when a thunderstorm occurs. Veterinarians believe there are some triggers like thunder, lightning, wind, barometric pressure changes, and even low-frequency rumbles before a storm that humans can’t hear.

Kendall Abbott author of 5 Tips to Calm your Storm Stressed Dog

Some pets try to escape by clawing through the screen door or breaking through a window to run away. If there is a storm and you know it is coming, go home with your dog. Play a calm CD, use a white noise machine, or sit where they are and watch TV. A strong way to help your pet stay calm during a storm is to be there for them and show them you care. A common myth is that you reward anxious behavior by comforting them. Train your dog to adapt to a storm. Find their favorite toys and/ or play your favorite game of hiding and seek to help get their mind off the storm that is happening. . .

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