Dog Agility Training Is A Wonderful Way To Get Your Dog Active, Mentally, And Physically: How To Start In Dog Training

Canine training is a great way to get your dog active, mentally and physically. Dog shows have helped open up the dog world to the benefits of dog racing. Some common items dog owners interested in canine training invest in include: Weave poles, ramps, tunnels, and tire jumps. Teeter boards are a see-saw that moves from side to side as your dog walks along.

Amber LaRock Author of How To Start In Dog Agility Training

Introducing Your Dog to Canine Agility is easy. Make sure your dog knows the basic commands such as sit, lie down, stay, stay and come, and any other commands you taught them during their basic training. It will take time for your dog to fully grasp each concept. Be ready to take this process slowly. Canine agility can have an incredible impact on our beloved companion’s health. An active dog is less likely to have obesity, joint conditions, and conditions that affect the heart. Frequent participation in the agility training will also help to tire them out. . . .

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