Separation Anxiety In Dogs Is A Common Problem

Separation anxiety in dogs is a condition in which a dog is entirely unable to cope when left alone. Being alone can cause the dog to become very anxious, panicked, and unwell. It can manifest itself as whiny and bark. A dog that is anxious about being alone is likely to howl and express themselves audibly.

German Shepherd looking out the window for their owner

Some breeds of dogs that associate more with people than other dogs are more prone to separation anxiety. It may be easy to misdiagnose the problem since the symptoms are common across a few different dog problems. If your dog shows some signs of destructive behavior, it may be possible that they are just tired.

Yellow Lab Laying on the tile floor next to the door for their owner to get home

Desensitization means that to deal with their anxiety while you aren’t there, you need to train them into becoming okay when alone. Weighted blankets are a recent invention for treating anxiety. They work the same for dogs and humans. They are similar to thunder shirts.

Poodle trying to get under the fence to their owner taking a photo

The weight on a dog makes them less anxious. A weighted blanket will be helpful in easing your dog's symptoms. . . .

Old pug with its tongue out looking out the door for its owner


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