Labrador Retrievers: What You Need To Know About Your Dog'S Health And Well

The Lab pups are a fun-filled ball of energy. Originally known as one of the “water dogs,” they are named for their water-resistant topcoat. In the early 1800's, English nobles became enamored with dogs. They are wonderful as therapy dogs and service dogs.

Yellow Lab Puppy Sitting in grass

The Labrador Retriever is always ready to make a new friend. Their double-layered coat is perfect for repelling not only water, but dry soil and grime. Never let your Lab's nail grow too long as they could get on something and get hurt.

Three Labs in different colors in a park

The Lab Retrievers are also excellent at marathon games of fetch. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the ball joint and socket at the hip do not fit together properly. They can cause them to experience back problems and increase their chances of experiencing joint pain. Regulating their food and regular checkups will assure a healthy dog. . .

Yellow Lab in a tall grass field

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