Raw Food Diet For Dogs: 5 Things You Should Know About Feeding Your Pet A Natural Diet

You might not realize it, but feeding your pet a natural diet is surely one of the most important steps and gifts you can give to your pet long-term. You will need to also include coarse minced greens like sprouts, or parsley, wheat grass or barley. Long ago, wild canines would eat reptiles, organ meat, bone marrow, and fish. This gave them their needed supply of Omega-3s and DHA.

Raw food diet for dogs like this boston terrier

Collagen is a protein that forms tissue in humans and pets. Healthy fats support brain health. Pet food today in the USA is regulated at state and federal levels. This includes the FDA in the US. On pet food labels, you will notice ingredients that are listed in their order of weights. The foods with the highest volume of water will be listed first. They will be added in smaller food amounts. Vegetables, especially green leafy ones, add to a dog’s diet. They also produce a good deal of natural vitamins, minerals, and fiber. There is some controversy around the raw feeding community over whether to add vegetables to the dog's diet.

Golden Retriever Puppy in front of purple flowers

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