Patellar Luxation Is A Common Problem In Small Dogs, And Can Cause Cartilage Damage, Inflammation, Pain, And Even Ligament Tears In The Knee Joint

Patellar luxation is a common problem in small dogs. It can cause cartilage damage, inflammation, pain, and even ligament tears. Receiving the signs of patellar degeneration and seeking treatment can help prevent further damage to your dog's knees. Patellar defectation can be seen in very young dogs and it is sometimes not apparent until later in life. There are two causes of patella luxation. A cause can become symptomatic at any point in a dog's life, depending on severity. Patellite defectation is common in small breeds like Yorkshire terriers, Chinese crested, and Pomeranians. If you suspect patellary luxation in your dog, your veterinary doctor will conduct a physical exam and x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Surgery is the only way to correct a patella defectation diagnosis. Other treatments may also be needed. Supplements can help the cartilage stay healthy. Low-grade luxations may not require surgery immediately. The OFA maintains a database of dogs that have been certified to be free from patellal recurrence. Other than doing what you can to prevent a major trauma from occurring, the only thing to prevent owning a dog is owning it. . . .

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