How To Prevent, Control, And Control Fleas In Your Home And Your Pet'S Skin

Fleas can easily infest homes and pets. This is because of their rapid reproduction rate and cleverly evolved life cycle. The flea life cycle has four stages. Adult, Egg, Larva, and Pupa. Without proper prevention and treatment, fleas can and will infest your pets and your home. Flea bath products are temporary solutions. They should not be used in lieu of proper flea control products. Treating your pet with effective flea prevention is the most important measure. Three out of four stages in the flea's life cycle are spent on the host. Diatomaceous earth is a fine, soft powder made from the remains of diatoms. Diamantaceous earth particles have microscopic jagged edges made of silica. These sharp edges damage the exoskeletons of many insects, including fleas. Cleaning and treating your pet can prevent fleas or prevent major infestations. Fleas can cause intense itching in pets. Itchy pets scratch and bite their skin. This leads to more irritability and hair loss. Pets are at risk for developing secondary skin infections that require medical intervention. Don't assume that fleas are the primary cause of skin problems in your pet. . . .

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