Self-Training For Working Dogs Is A Way To Train Your Dog Without Going Through An Organization - Sitstay

Working dogs that provide a service, such as seeing-eye dogs and military dogs, or therapy dogs, often undergo extensive training. This type of training is usually done by an organization that specializes in teaching these dogs the skills they need based on the tasks they are expected to do. Organizations that have working dogs trained begin by establishing basic dog behavior. Relying on an organization for training can make it easier when you get a working dog. Your dog should know how to do certain tasks and obey commands. Organization training can serve as a bonding process between dogs and their owners. Having an organization train your dog means that you miss out on this opportunity. Self-Training for Working Dogs is a way to train your working dog without going through an organisation. Be sure to follow the same principles as organizations do when having a working animal trained. Always be patient with your dog, stay positive and use consistency. Dogs learn by practicing tasks and commands until they are able to do them the right way. The repetition keeps tasks or commands fresh in your dog's mind and should never be done. Punishing working dogs prevents them from behaving as they go through training. Another similarity is emphasis on praise and rewards rather than punishment. SitStay. com has you covered when it comes time to get your dog in the best working dog gear. . . .

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