5 Winter Exercising Tips For Dogs

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell even in winter when the ground is covered in snow. Hide and Seek is a fun way to give your dog a mental and physical workout by hiding a treat or toy. This tracking activity makes good use of your dog's sense of taste. One of the easiest ways to keep dogs warm in winter is by playing with them.

SitStay Blog: 5 Winter Exercising Tips For Dogs

Skijoring involves putting on a pair of skis and attaching a special collar to your dog. If your dog likes being out in the snow, strap on snowshoes. Snowball toss is a quick and simple way to make sure your dog gets exercise during winter. Your dog will get a good cardio workout by running around or jumping. Just remember to get up and make sure the dog's coat and body are protected from the cold. . .

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