How To Clean Your Dog’S Ears In A Natural Way (And How To Help Your Dog)

Dirty or infected ears can have a red color that can indicate inflammation. Some dogs have one of two types of ear classifications. There are dogs with erect ears. They are the kind that stick straight up over the head. Other dogs may suffer from food or environmental allergies.

Brown puppy with floppy ears running through a grassy field

Bacteria and fungi exist in small amounts in a healthy ear canal. When inflammation occurs, they can reproduce quickly and lead to infection. CBD can help with inflammation to ease pain and reduce the problem area. If this happens, then you should contact your doctor right away in case he has an ear infection. Since 2006, Erica Irish has worked in the veterinary field.

Brown Dachshund playing on a sandy beach

She started as a veterinary technician. She graduated from UF College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. She is particularly interested in dermatology, cardiology and cardiology. Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears can be difficult or painful. If your dog seems painful during cleaning or becomes fractious at any time , stop the procedure immediately. .

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