5 Things To Know Before Flying With Your Service Dog

Many fliers have found it helpful to limit their service dog's food and water intake in the hours before the flight. Make sure you service dog has an animal identification card linking them to you in case of unforeseen events. This is always a good safety measure. You should be aware of the laws of any other country you will be traveling to.

Kendall Abbott author of 5 Things to Before Flying with Younow br Service Dog

Service animals may be exempt from some reentry requirements when returning to the US after visiting a foreign country. It is also a good idea to arrive early for your flight in the event of any holdups. Removing your service animal's collar or any part of his equipment that will set off the metal detectors before proceeding through them can help make the situation easier. Please ask permission to pre-board so you and your service dog are settled and out of the way before your flight. .

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