Urinary Tract Infection In Dogs Can Be Caused By A Variety Of Things, From Being Hit By A Car To Having Abdominal Surgery, According To A Vet

A UTI, or urinary tract infection, can occur in any dog. Some may be more likely to develop them than others. Symptoms of a UTI can vary from dog to dog, but most experience similar signs. Urinating frequently, urinating in the house, licking at the urinary opening, foul urine smell, blood in the urine, and others can be caused by a few different things. Being hit by a car or having abdominal surgery can cause trauma to your dog's bladder. This trauma can introduce bacteria into the bladder and result in an infection. Some female dogs have a recessed vulva. It is the external part of a female dog's reproductive tract. Excess moisture along with the dog's body heat can cause vaginitis. It will also help bacteria grow. If your dog shows signs of urinary tract infections, a visit to your doctor is warranted. Urinary catheters may need to be placed in your dog s urinary opening to help drain the bladder or collect urine samples. Steroid infections are more common in female dogs. Steroids can affect the body s ability to ward off UTI and hat urine tract infections that develop after recent antibiotic administration are at risk. . .

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