Dog Agility Training Can Be A Fun Way To Bond With Your Dog And Learn How To Keep Yours Healthy

There are no limits on who can do what. Dog agility training is a series of obstacles that make it difficult for your dog to follow your directions through the correct order of obstacles. This takes some training and time to pull off, but the process of getting there and feeling the joy of putting you and your dog through a course is incredibly fun. There are many organizations who oversee this sport.

Two dogs sitting in a dog agility course tunnel

These include USDAA, the NADAC, and the AKCA. This will give you options to find a training program that you like that will work with your schedule. It is important to enjoy this and have a good time.

Border collie going on a dog agility course obstacle

There is no requirement for the dog handler.

Yellow lab sprinting out of an agility tunnel

You could do the dog training in a wheelchair. It may not be as fast as normal. Dogs see running around as a way of getting work done rather than just running around. Dogs will be calmer and more responsive to commands when they are doing something productive. If dogs don't get enough rest and water, they could get injured. Home Training Guidelines for Dog Agility can be done at home. Don't be discouraging! This sport can be very beneficial to you, your dog, and to the bond you two share. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and sharing this blog!.

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