How Do I Deal With My Dogs Separation Anxiety?

Most dogs will have problems when their owners leave the house. These dogs can hurt themselves trying to get out of the house or get away. There are many ways to help a dog with separation anxiety. This article will explain what separation anxiety is and what causes it.

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Most dogs are attached to one person in the family. When that person leaves for work or school, the dog may have trouble dealing with their absence. Your dog will have experienced a traumatic event and fear being left again. By trying to lessen this anxiety, you will help with your dog's separation anxiety symptoms. Make an appointment with your doctor and have your dog examined. Some dogs do well with rewards when they leave. They return to their crate to help decrease their anxiety. Crate training is crucial in helping your dog with anxiety. By teaching your dog that their crate is a fun place to be, you can reward them for staying in their crate. This helps dogs get used to a space of their own. Also, considering that dogs are den animals, it gives them a place they can retreat to. Some people think getting a second dog can help reduce anxiety. CBD has been shown to have other health benefits for dogs that may suffer from arthritis, seizures, and cancer. You should never physically punish your dog for separation anxiety . You should always use positive reinforcement and tell them 'no' when they do something wrong and praise them for doing the right thing. .

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